Saturday, 9 August 2008

Beirut Has Gone

Yesterday, passing Bristol Street in the bus, I saw Beirut Lebanese restaurant closed with a piece of paper attached on the door. So, today, I went there to check what is written.

This is the announcement.

Probably it is difficult to read, so I summerise. It says the management has decided to replace the Lebanese restaurant by a fast food shop. The closure is dated the 3 August, so our last visit was just about 10 days before the closure. It explains the stale(-ish) food we were served.

So if you fancy Lebanese food in Birmingham, you need to go all the way to Syriana in Snowhill, which is not situated as convenient as Beirut for most of us.

And, by chance, we saw also this fast food shop was closed. This is just about 10 metres away from Beirut.

In this case, the closure was not peaceful and the announcement on the door says the place was reoccupied by the landload. Evidently it happened in April, but I have not noticed until now.

And yet another closure. The Duet Polish restaurant on Hurst Street is not there any more. I think it happened some time ago, and now there is an announcement of imminent opening of Torino cafeteria.

It will sell italian style sandwiches and pastas. I would guess it is an Italian style fast food shop.

Wokmania is still closed and there is no sign of refurbishment and convertion to a new venue. So, in general, there is no good news in this area for now.