Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Broadway Plaza & Great British Eatery

Recently we moved from Bearwood to Five Ways. OK. Not exactly in Five Ways, but 15-20 min walk from there.

So, now, Broadway Plaza is just 15 min walk away from our flat.

Broadway Plaza
The building is pretty interesting. Red brick-y and imposing. And coming close, we realised it used to be Chilren's Hospital.

Children's Hospital

It is hard to see, but in the first line "Children's Hospital", in the second, "Broadway", and in the third, with red neon-light, "Casino". It does not often happen to see both "Children's Hospital" and "Casino" in the same context.

In Broadway Plaza, a slightly up-market fish and chips shop opened. I don't know exactly when, but should be in the past some weeks.

Great British Eastery

When we past there at 5:30 Sunday, it was closed. I don't know how are the opening hours, and it was not written there. Need to return.

According to the website http://www.greatbritisheatery.co.uk/, a cod/haddock costs £5, and chips £1.50. Is this expensive? I have no idea. It has been a long time since the last time I ate fish & chips. They sell pies as well.

The website boasts of the good sourcing, but there is no word about sustainability of the cod they use, which is worrying.

The location is somewhat hidden from the visitors of Broadway Plaza and I am not sure if they can expect great trade, if they don't start home-delivery as its immediate neighbour Domino Pizza does. I hope to try it in these weeks.