Saturday, 5 July 2008

ShanghaiYe Closed

As I have read and heard that ShanghaiYe Chinese restaurant in Holloway Head (near Chinese Pagoda) had been closed, I went to see what is happening.

When I went there around 4 in the afternoon, the shutter was down as I have never seen before.

ShanghaiYe with the shutter down

There was no notice explaining why it is closed, but it looks evident to me now Pad Thai has been enlarged and taken over the premises occupied by ShanghaiYe. There still is ShanghaiYe's signage at the entrance, but Pad Thai's name is on the window which used to be ShanghaiYe's.

Pad Thai

It is a shame, as ShanghaiYe was a pretty good restaurant.

I noticed also that Pad Thai has ceased to be a pure and simple Thai restaurant; it is now offering more Chinese dishes, especially Sichuan dishes. I do recognise also some dishes served at ShanghaiYe, like Emperor Rice and Classic Double Cooked Beef with lotus root.

The emphasis is, however, not on the food, but on its karaoke and disco facilities.

Although it saddens me, I understand fully why they did so. The location is too difficult for it to operate as a pure restaurant, and entertainment element is consonant with the clubs in the area.

Good luck for the new start.