Saturday, 12 July 2008

Edmunds Open

Andy Waters' new venue in Brindley Place, Edmunds, has finally opened.

I don't know exactly when, but on the 7th (Mon.) it definitely wasn't. I passed in front of it to go to City Cafe at noon and Mr. Waters was outside, talking on the phone, looking rather upset.

I took a close look at the menu this afternoon, when the restaurant was closed (evidently it does not open during Saturday lunch time).

Tasting menu (7 course without counting coffee and petits fours) is £55 (without wine) and £75 (with wine) including mineral water. Dinner is £35 for two courses and £39.50 for three courses, both including another sub-course (either amuse buche or pre-dessert), mineral water and coffee. For lunch, £18 for two course and £20 for three course, again, including coffee, petits fours, and mineral water. "Discretionary" service charge is 10%.

At Purnell's, three course dinner is £38.95, and three course lunch is £18.95, which I don't think include water and coffee, so I think we would pay slightly less at Edmund's. Of course, it does not say anything about 'value', as it also depends of quality and kind of ingredients, and portion.

The genre I think is what we call New British or Modern European. The dinner menu looks very interesting.

It is such a joy that Birmingham has got another attractive dining place!