Sunday, 13 July 2008

Coconut & Sago Drink @ Chinatown Noodle Bar

With alternating rain and sunshine, we decided not to go out at lunch time yesterday giving up idea of enjoying usual Chinese meal in Birmingham Chinatown.

We went out in the afternoon instead, and went to Chinatown all the same to buy this.

Sago and Coconut Drink

This is Sago (=tapioca) and coconut drink. Some Cantonese cafes of this area sell it, and this one is from Chinatown Noodle Bar. £1.50 for a small cup (the one in the photo) and £3 for a large cup. You can either eat in or take out for the same price.

The girl at the counter said there was only L size as they ran out of small cups, but I was not confident to be able to finish a large cupful. The girl, seeing me almost leaving, decided to look for a small cup, and rather predictably, she found one. I don't think she was trying to cheat, but they were rather busy at that moment and she did not want to lose time in searching for small cups.

Unfortunately, the small cup is not transparent, so you cannot see tapioca. There are small opaque tapioca mixed with thick and sweet coconut drink. It is a very popular dessert/drink in South East Asia (pudding version contains more tapioca and less coconut liquid).

It was as good as I expected, and filling as well; I would not have finished, if I had bought a large cup.

If you like sweet, coconuty stuff, and have never tried this, I recommend you to look our for one, when you happen to be in Chinatown.