Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Regards to Don Salvo

Last Sunday, Birmingham Half Marathon caused Broad Street and beginning of Hagley Road closed for traffic. For this reason, I was constrained to walk from home to City centre, as, from where I live, when I cannot get the buses that pass Hagley Road, there is no other way to go to town than walking.

Walking down Broad Street, I noticed that the former China Red premises are now taken by a new outlet of Regards.

Regards is an Indian, if not at least an Asian, restaurant in Edgbaston, situated not far from the pub White Swan and from Botanical Garden. It is a rather small restaurant, and to my eyes, it is a bald move to open a large outlet in such a high-rent area, let alone the number of competitors in the Indian food market on that street.

Redecoration work is underway and I would expect it to open in a few to several weeks. Let's see what will be on offer.

And I also went to see this one, which has been widely reported by local media.

Closure of Don Salvo. According to the announcement on the window, the landlord reentered the premises as the rent had not been paid.

This is a strange place to me. Don Salvo, since the days when they were next to Mailbox (they relocated to the current Temple street location to make space for the Cube), it has often been criticised for poor service and not-more-than average food by media and by Internet reviewers. Then, moved to just in front of San Carlo, arguably the most successful Italian restaurant in city centre (I like Cielo, but it is not an Italian for me), and even after that, it managed to get a bad review in one of local newspapers. I mean, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Mystery, innit?