Sunday, 28 September 2008

Broad Street Closure & Tories

Some photos from Broad Street and ICC today.

This is how the road is closed.

From the other side. It is pretty nice, Broad Street without car.

Rocket Club was welcoming Tories, but there is nothing political about it, just commercial, I guess.

In front of the ICC, there were several people trying to make their points which largely escaped me, like this one. "What is the difference between a Lap Dance and Cappuccino? (The Tories aren't giving out coffee)". Do they give out lap dance, then? Difficult to understand English humour.

More people making their points.

ICC occupied by the Conservatives.

There was this bull made of Coca Cola cans, but I don't know what is it, as I could not go close to read the plate in front of it.

Continues until Wednesday (... no, no, I don't mean that I continue).