Saturday, 14 June 2008

New entries from the 8th to 14th June 2008

These are new pages uploaded between 8th and 14th June.

Birmingham Restaurant Guide

Nando's (Broad Street Branch)

Ok. Everyone knows Nando's, but it was the first visit for me.

Food was ok. BBQ chicken with a variety of sauces. But I don't like large franchise restaurants, because they don't give me that excitment of eating-out. I prefer to visit the places where I can expect new discoveries and personal touch of the chefs, however good or bad may be). Of course, it is just a matter of personal taste. :)

Syriana (Lebanese & Syrian restaurant in Hockley)

New Lebanese & Syrian (evidently the cuisine in Lebanese and Syria is pretty much the same) restaurant in Snowhill area. Food was fine, but it was a bit sad to be only diners whole through the meal.

According to the advertisement I found on Metro newspaper yeasterday (13 June 2008), it offers belly dance show in Fridays and Saturdays evening. Maybe it is a better idea to go there on one of these occasions.

I wish you all nice weekend!